Tips and Hints to get the Best Pricing
  1. What’s the deposit?
  2. What’s the administration fee?
  3. What’s the application fee?
  4. Do you have any move in specials?
  5. They will ask for a budget but just let them know you are looking for the most affordable __ bedroom for that month.
  6. What day can I get the move affordable price?
  7. What parking options do I have? Is that included in the rent?
  8. What if I move in a week before will the price change? a week after?
  9. How long is the price you are quoting me locked in? Can I get an email to confirm pricing?
  10. What term (month) lease is most affordable?
  11. What additional specials are you running?
  12. Do you have military, preferred employee, student, discount?
  13. What additional fees or added to the monthly rent? What’s included?
  14. Is there a commons area fee?
  15. Does a certain view or floor level change pricing?
  16. Can the specials be prorated through the lease term or does it have to be taken up front?
  17. Is the water individually metered or is it based on average?
  18. Whats the average cost of an electric bill for that size unit?
  19. Do you have pet fees or deposits for service animal dogs?
  20. Does it come with w/d connections? W/D included, or onsite
  21. Is there trash collection fee? Valet trash