Changing Prices

Since there is no rent control or standard regulation in Texas, most properties, run their pricing on a profit-driven system called YieldStar. The system basically runs like this:

Apts X has four 2 bedroom units available for rent on the first of the month, so they list them at $1000 each. By the 15th they have rented 3 of them out. At this point the remaining unit is considered to have a higher demand since it’s the only one left, and they’ve lost 1/2 month’s worth of income on it. So the last unit will be leased for $1075 to make up the difference.Of course the system is a little more complex than that, and updates daily or hourly. But you kind of get the picture.

That’s where our services come in. Since the prices on most property websites are only updated once a month, we provide the most recently available information directly from the property. We then go a step further and contact your favorite properties from the report to confirm the information with a live person to make certain before you visit a property in person, you have the freshest possible data. That’s one of the ways we make your apartment search easier.